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Wings of Wellness (A Tribute to Dr. Price)

Wings of Wellness (A Tribute to Dr. Price)

Title | Wings of Wellness (A Tribute to Dr Price) Type | Original 3-D papercut cyanotype Inspiration | Sylvia Plath
Year | 2024

Materials | Cyanotype, 3D paper cut, multi layered collage, handmade paper 11.5in x 15in x 1.6in frame depth


Inspired by the microbiologist Jessie Isabelle Price

In the realm of science, where women's contributions have often been overshadowed by the achievements of their male counterparts, Jessie Isabelle Price's story emerges as a beacon of inspiration and resilience.

Born in 1930, Price shattered the barriers of race and gender to etch her name in the field of veterinary microbiology, a field that had, until then, seen limited diversity. Her pioneering work at the Cornell University Duck Research Laboratory not only advanced the understanding and treatment of diseases in waterfowl but also laid the foundation for a more inclusive scientific community.

Price's groundbreaking research focused primarily on combating Pasteurella anatipestifer (now known as Riemerella anatipestifer), a deadly bacterium wreaking havoc on commercial duck populations. Through her relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation, she developed a vaccine that drastically reduced mortality rates among ducks, showcasing the profound impact of dedicated scientific inquiry on both animal health and the agricultural industry. Her achievements in developing effective vaccines against this and other avian diseases underscored the importance of veterinary microbiology in safeguarding poultry, a critical component of the global food supply.

Jessie Isabelle Price's life exemplifies the core values of equality, diversity, and inclusion, marking her as a pioneering figure in the STEM fields for women and minorities. Her significant scientific contributions alongside her efforts to dismantle barriers showcase the indispensable role that diverse perspectives play in driving forward our collective understanding and achievements in science. Price's legacy serves as a powerful reminder and inspiration that innovation thrives on the inclusion of voices from all backgrounds. Her

story is a compelling call to action, encouraging ongoing commitment to equality and representation across all areas of human activity, ensuring that the journey towards discovery and progress remains inclusive and equitable.


Wings of Wellness (A Tribute to Dr. Price) was created by constructing a hand-cut collage using female photographic portraiture combined with photographs and hand illustrations of ducks and geese.

After coating the handmade paper sheets with light-sensitive chemistry, they are left to dry in a dark room. The large scale negatives are then contact printed onto the paper by exposure to daylight (UV rays).

The prints are then processed by thoroughly washing in water to remove any unexposed solution, then be hung to dry, developing to full density Prussian blue after 24 hours. Once dried the individual elements are hand cut and collaged together to create a multi-layered paper cut artwork.


Handmade recycled cotton rag paper:
150-320gsm / 100% Cotton Rag / Recycled / Acid Free / Medium Rough


We use float mounting for all of our framed cyanotypes. The artwork floats above a snow-white, Larson- Juhl 1400 microns (8001 white core mount board), to showcase the paper texture and deckled edging.


Framed artwork will arrive ready to hang.

Each frame is handmade by our London based design team.

All frames come with gallery spec, 2mm thick Artglass AR70 / 3mm anti-reflective/ 79% UV protected glazing as standard. 

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