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Year: 2022

Medium Type: Painting

Material: Oil on canvas

Size: 47.2 × 59.1 in | 120 × 150 cm

Classification: Unique

Story: The interpretation and expression of black women with amour heart( they are strong courageous, bold and still have a place in their heart to love and care after the storms and hurdles of life)

 A lot bottled up in the mind yet to be said. What could these be?

The eyes have seen yet a lot wanting to share, but the mouth denies it opportunity.

I can't keep this to myself, someone has to learn! If the mouth refuses to speak, the eyes will not hesitate to tell.

Beauty, fear, courage, peace, Regret, anger, displeasure, confidence, hatred, pain everything!

I mean everything bothering the mind, those things that were caused by ones negligence, procrastination, laziness and every other that life throws at us some of which we foresaw and caught them right before they sleep off our hands, and those that caught us unaware and struck us really hard before we caught sight of them.

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