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Shrouded Gazes

Shrouded Gazes

Year: 2023

Medium Type: Drawing, Collage or other Work on Paper

Material: Collage and recycled rolled magazines on foamboard

Size: 10.5 × 10.5 in | 26.67 × 26.67

Classification: Unique

Story: "Shrouded Gazes" explores the interplay between concealment and revelation, inviting contemplation on time, identity, and societal influences. Multiple collage faces adorned with rolled magazine coverings evoke a sense of mystery, while fragments of words and phrases emerge, referencing culture, fashion, and introspection. This artwork prompts reflections on the complexities of perception and self-expression, symbolized by veiled eyes and obscured imagery. It invites viewers to unravel hidden narratives and embrace the enigmatic beauty within.

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