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Princess of Palaeontology

Princess of Palaeontology

Title | PRINCESS OF PALAEONTOLOGY STUDY Type | Original 3-Dimensional Cyanotype Inspiration | Mary Anning
Year | 2024

Materials | Cyanotype, handmade paper, papercut collage, 24-carat gold leaf 7.3in x 9in x 1.6in frame depth

Mary Anning, known as the Princess of Palaeontology, was a pioneering English fossil hunter. Her discoveries contributed to important changes in scientific thinking about prehistoric life and the history of the natural world.

An unsung hero until recently, this collector of curiosities is now celebrated as one of the most influential women in the history of science. Her unerring eye for the art of fossil excavation made Anning the most famous female palaeontologists in the world. Born into modest means along the rugged cliffs of Lyme Regis, England, Mary's fascination with fossils led her to unearth remarkable specimens that challenged established scientific dogma.

With unwavering determination and a keen eye, Mary uncovered the first complete Ichthyosaurus skeleton and later the Plesiosaurus, forever altering the course of palaeontology. Her groundbreaking contributions to the study of extinct creatures not only expanded the field but also challenged gender and class barriers that often hindered women in science during her time.

Princess Of Palaeontology Study was created by constructing a hand-cut collage using female photographic portraiture, repeated photograms and photographs of ammonite fossils. These fossils are from my private collection and were excavated by me as a child on the beach in Lyme Regis where Anning worked and lived.

After coating the handmade paper with light-sensitive chemistry, it is left to dry in a dark room. The large scale negatives are then printed onto the paper by exposure to daylight (UV rays). The prints are then processed by thoroughly washing in water to remove any unexposed solution. They can then be hung to dry, developing to full density Prussian blue after 24 hours. Once dried, the

ammonite pieces are cut out and mounted onto the base print to create a multi-layered, 3-dimensional paper cut collaged cyanotype.


Framed: 7.3in x 9in x 1.6in frame depth


Handmade recycled cotton rag paper:
150-320gsm / 100% Cotton Rag / Recycled / Acid Free / Medium Rough


We use float mounting for all of our framed cyanotypes. The artwork floats above a snow-white 8001 mount board, to showcase the paper texture and deckled edging.


Framed artwork will arrive ready to hang.
Each frame is handmade by our London based design team. All frames come with gallery

spec, 2mm thick Artglass AR70 / 3mm anti-reflective/ 79% UV protected glazing as standard.

If clients would like a bespoke frame, please let me know as I can have them made in alternative colours, gilding and glazing options.

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