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Portal I

Portal I

Year: 2023

Medium Type: Painting

Material: Oil and gesso on canvas

Size: 72 × 48 in | 182.9 × 121.9 cm

Classification: Unique

Story: I see each painting as a portal in life, a gateway to new experiences and perspectives, triggered by simple conversations or significant milestones. It fascinates me how viewers connect with my concepts and ideas. Some have shared their transformative moments, mentioning memories and emotions related to their own personal portals. Others find inspiration in the visual spectacle, colorations and the idea of constant growth the work conveys. I believe this multiplicity of interpretations adds further richness to the experience.
These Organic Abstractions seek to push the boundaries of my imagination and create works that invite the unleashing of emotions and imaginings, perhaps inspiring narratives that embrace the transformative nature of life.

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