Scott Johnson

With Scott Johnson’s interest in methods of preservation and archival studies, their multi-media work center on the ephemera and the futile attempt to recollect the past in its entirety. With objects and art having the ability to catalyze memory, he hopes his work can be fond reminders of reminiscence for his audience like they are for him. From textile, performance, ceramic, photography, printmaking, graphite and charcoal sketches, etc, he has created a style characteristic with bold lines, crosshatching, and staple black design with the occasional subdued color. This signature look allows his work while experimenting with technique and material, can still accumulate into a general scope while still being materialistically free in his endeavors. In whatever task or project he begins, the themes of duration and time are processed in his creative endeavor, his reasoning to make work focuses more on the process and its learning possibilities first, in the process creating work both beautiful and intrinsically meaningful. Foremost the way of creating art is a study process for Scott Johnson, allowing him to develop a keen way of seeing the multi-faceted uses art can have.