Sachiko Bradley

Sachiko Bradley is a British/Afro-American artist and designer living in Los Angeles. Born in Kathmandu and raised among artist communities in Nepal, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Italy, Sachiko spoke three languages by the time she entered kindergarten and spent her teenage years attending major art shows with her father, the British painter Martin Bradley, in Paris, Barcelona, and around the world. She lived and worked in Italy for 30 years as an artist, creative director, interior designer, and founder of her own interior design agency. 
Since moving back to Los Angeles, Sachiko has focused on her painting—from abstract to portraits—and is repped at UNREPD, a space for emerging artists focused on people of color, women and the LGBTQ community. She was recently featured in the LA Times for her African-inspired hand-painted murals in a downtown LA loft. Her international perspective informs her artistic practice, as do the influences of the many artists among whom she was raised.