Adeogun babatunde Joseph

Adeogun babatunde Joseph was born on (Nov 3rd). Adeogun babatunde Joseph is an artist who hails from Abeokuta North (Ogun State) in Nigeria. He was born in the ancient city of Ibadan.

His paintings expresses everyday experiences. He is challenged to look beyond the current hardship and view a brighter vista.

His works are a kaleidoscope of facial expressions, mood and feelings.

His beautiful paintings explore the themes: The interpretation of expression, BEYOND BEAUTY, PEACE WITHIN, Guilt, IRONY OF LIFE, old/young age, the sweetness/sadness memories, the beauty and mystery of the feminine being of Black skin, the Beauty in black. As an artist, he experienced rejection and emotional pain at an early age, and he chose to express his feelings and thoughts into art (painting).

He likes to classify people on the basis of their mood and thought. His works are focused on the general improvement of humanity and the eradication of social ills

He is a professional artist and he have exhibited with known artists. His preferred medium is oil color, acrylic and charcoal on canvas.

He studied FINE ART at the polytechnic of Ibadan and major in painting with an HND.